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Stock Picker

Posted 22/10/2021
£9.40 per hour

Job title: Stock Picker.

Main purpose of job: To ensure safe and continuous production by maintaining an adequate supply of all the required materials and component parts whilst best utilising the equipment provided so satisfying our customers' delivery schedules.


a)Responsible to: Production Planner.

b)Responsible for: Own safety and that of others affected by your actions. The continuous management and proactive monitoring of all material stock levels.

c)Liaison with: Production Planner, Shift Supervisor, and Fellow Team Members.

Main tasks of job:

1.Follow all relevant safety and work procedures.

2.To liaise with the planner during the shift to discuss what jobs are being produced in the welding / riveting departments.

3.To act accordingly in stocking up the correct components and the correct quantities as per the job description and production schedule.

4.At start of shift all welding bays should be stocked up from the previous shift stock picker. The oncoming stock picker will then make up the required amount of stock for each job so that job can be completed. If the quantities issued by the previous stock picker are correct you would then start stock picking for the next job on the schedule after discussion with team leader.

5.To continually check stock quantities of all components when gathering stock requirements for the welders / riveters. Report any short falls in stock quantities i.e.; minimum level requirements, to the planner.

6.To ensure sufficient raw materials and work in progress levels are maintained at all times.

7.To be a good communicator at all levels and to liaise with the team leaders, supervisor and planner and to review the production schedule on a daily basis.

8.To be introduced to the Kanban system of stock control and its working procedures, also the computer system" MECS" used for input / output of data for stock control.

9.To ensure that the oncoming shift has enough stocks to start / complete the job required.

10.Any other job requirements to aid the Welders / Riveters, i.e.; drilling / tapping of tubes, cutting of tubes if required, if time allows.

11.Identify any continuous improvement ideas and put forward suggestions.

12.Monitor the current stock levels to ensure an adequate supply of component parts to meet predicted requirements in liaison with the Production Planner.

13.Ensure the adequate supply of the required materials at the workstations to maintain efficient production.

14.Ensure the integrity of all products supplied or relocated to other departments

15.If authorised - the safe operation of the forklift truck

Work Wales

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