Hayward Hawk

Employer in the Systems Testing sector

We’re Hayward Hawk. We're interested people, helping interesting people. Mostly in technology. Mostly in the UK and Ireland.So, you’re looking for a new job? Searching, interviewing and making the right choice can be a really daunting time. Take it from us, we know. Try pitching to the guy from Dragons' Den.Making the wrong choice can be the difference between the 'Monday blues' and 'casual Friday'. Sometimes, it’s not what you know or who you know, but how you apply the two. We’re the people that can apply what you know, to the people we know. It’s the perfect combination.We can start by getting to know each other a little more. Really find out about you, not just why you want to move, but what you love and hate, and what really makes you tick and gets you excited. We can tell you about the market, let you know who’s growing and what people are really looking for.

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